Why do some lug nuts rust easily?

February 01, 2021

Many new wheel lug nuts will rust soon after being used.






Why does it rust so quickly?

There are two reasons:

Open end nut rusts more easily than close end nuts.

When thewheel lug nut is plating, electric current into the inner hole is very weak, so the coating thickness of the inner hole is much thinner than that of the outside, so the rust resistance of the inner hole is very weak.When it is open end nut, due to rain, car washing, the inner hole will have water, so the inner hole is easy to rust.

And for close end wheel nut, the inner hole will not have water, so it has better rust resistance.



When you choose a open end wheel nut, a plug can be added to prevent water in the inner hole.


2、Thickness of coating is too thin. Obviously the thinner coating can save money, so many factories decrease thickness of coating. 

We Promise seriously that coating thickness of our HONISHEN brand chrome lug nuts and lug bolts is more than 30μm, they can pass 72 hours salt spray test. We can pass max 300 hours salt and spray test.  



For more testing information, see the file “How to quickly test electroplating quality”

3、The material is too soft. The lug nut can be formed easily if you choose low hardness material, and at the same time share the low production cost, so some small-scale manufacturers would like to make products of low hardness, but our HONISHEN brand lug nuts and lug bolts are all made by high quality alloy steel, and guarantee the intensity of products.  


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