Wheel Adapter & Spacer


Wheel adapter and wheel spacer: made of superlight and ultimate strong 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminum, which would be the best material for the spacer

The wheel adapter and wheel spacer have CNC-machined holes and are hub centric for the hightest level of accuracy. They are designed to fit tight to your hub while centering your wheel. This prevents vibration when spacing or adapting the wheel.

The most important part of wheel spacer is high-strength wheel studs. Wheel studs is our star products. We always choose the best material and best production process. All wheel studs are made of SCM435 or SCM440, mechanical performance can be 10.9 Grade and 12.9 Grade. 

  These are our wheel spacers.They are installed between the rotors and wheels. The purpose of installing wheel spacers is to widen the offset of the wheels, which is also the vehicle's track. It’s a popular choice in the street-focused and off-road.

This is how they looks in the wheels.By widening the wheel offset and pushing the wheels away from the chassis, the wheel spacers can reduce body roll. This improves your tires' lateral grip. The tires are more even loading, which leads better car handling and faster acceleration out of corners.

The great thing about spacers is that they let your wheels fit a wider tire which can improves traction and handling even more.

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