How to test the anti-rust performance of wheel nuts?


When the tire nut is installed on the wheel hub, after years of sun and rain, it is easy to rust. Especially in winter, the road will be spreaded salt, hydrochloric acid will accelerate wheel nut rust. Therefore, it is very important to choose a wheel nut with higher anti-rust performance.

anti-rust performance

1.How to judge the anti-rust performance of wheel nuts?

Generally in a specific test chamber, the salt water containing sodium chloride and pH value of 6.5~7.2 is continuously sprayed through the spray device, and the liquid with salt and acid corrosion is settled to the wheel nut. After a certain period of time, the corrosion state of the surface is observed, so as to judge its anti-corrosion performance and grade of nut.

2. According to the test environment and test conditions, it can be divided into two kinds of testing standards

  • Neutral Salt Spray test,NSS test for short.

  • Copper Accelerated Acetate Spray test ,CASS test for short.

Comparison of two salt spray tests

Neutral Salt Spray test (NSS)

Copper Accelerated Acetate Spray test (CASS)

Test environment

Laboratory temperature

room temperature

room temperature

Pressure barrel temperature



Test chamber temperature



Saturator temperature


Test chamber humidity


Test condition






PH value



Volume of spray/Precipitation rate of salt spray


Air pressure


Spray pressure


Test method

Sample placement

Lean 15-30°

Exposure to state

Continued exposure

Spray mode

Continuous spray

3.CASS test(LRHS-663P-RY) is rapid salt spray corrosion test,test temperature is 50℃,salt solution is added CuC12.2H20,strongly induced corrosion.

The corrosion rate of CASS is approximately 8 times that of the NSS test

For example:

Pass CASS test 24 h,equal to Pass NSS test 192 h.

Pass CASS test 48 h,equal to Pass NSS test 384 h.

4. Pls check test report of Honishen wheel nuts

  • We promise that our chrome can pass the 72-hours neutral salt spray test, and actually bulk goods will not appear rust spots until 144 hours.

After 144-hour Neutral Salt spary testing

  • We promise that our chrome can pass the 24-hours CASS test, and actually bulk goods will not appear rust spots until CASS test 48 hours.

CASS testing

  • Bulk quality is always better than the promise, this is our HONISHEN standard.

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