Wheel Studs


The accuracy thread of wheel hub stud is very important. 

Many factories like to debase quality in this part, such as increase the thread hole of wheel nut, change the bolt with thin thread diameter.  They do this because they can save the material and make thread easily.  How ever it will affect match fastness of the thread.

To Judge the accuracy of thread, firstly we need to check the sharpness of thread, the sharper the better.

In addition, we also need to check it with professional checking tool: screw plug gauge and thread ring gauge.  Reguest: go gauge smoothly, no-go gauge less than 2 screws.

“HONISHEN” wheel studs firstly choose good material. Then we will test hardness, tensile, and torque regularly everyday, and send samples to third-party test center to finish anti-fatigue testing to ensure every parameter is qualified then send to customs.

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