Titanium Lug Nuts


Ti6AL4V is α-β alloy type material. The optimal features are light, strong and rustless. It is widely used in engine of plane, advanced mechanical equipment, medical equipment and other high precision technology.COLD HEADING FORGED Product is cold forged forming,through the powerful force to crush the space inside gap of the material,instantly make crystallization to be subtle,and adjust the direction of the crystal,then become high strength product.SUPER LIGHTAND HIGH INTENSITY.The first feature of titanium is light, its weight can be comparable to aluminum.The second feature of titanium is intensity.The intensity value of titanium is the top one in the nonferrous metals. Intensity value is the unit density for the index of the tensile strength.The value is larger and lighter, the intensity of titanium is higher. The intensity of titanium is much larger than the intensity of the aluminum, the differ of both is almost eight times.CORROSION RESISTANCE OF TITANIUM.The third feature of titanium is best corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Never getting rusty, so it is often used in steamship, naval ship, radar and other offshore installation.

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