Lug Bolts


We provide our customers with detailed information on each bolt type including measurements and offer several types of wheel lug bolts including conical seat type bolts, ball seat type bolts, and PCD wobble bolts. Our lug bolts come in a variety of colors and finishes for something that looks great on every automobile. All of our hex lug bolts are 10.9 grade, also we can produce 12.9 grade. 

For avoiding bolt breakage,(1).Hardness control: we will do different hardness according to grade request, also choose different materials according to the hardness request, don't use inferior materials when you want high hardness bolts.(2).We must get rid of stress before plating, and cancel hydrogen after plating. During bolt's electroplating process, due to the dissociation of water molecules, a part of hydrogen ions will be produced, so the cathode precipitates metal and hydrogen at same time in the electroplating process. Precipitates hydrogen is easy to lead the bolt .

Each hex lug bolts of HONISHEN has been specially treated, not only ensure the hardness but also keep flexibility of the corresponding grade:

(1).Get rid of stress before plating: we will do a temper treatment after bolt was handled by heat treatment,  even some high requirement product, it need do extremely cold treatment, the temperature is﹣100℃- ﹣300℃, heat preservation time is 24-36 hours. Through the conversion of extreme heat and extreme cold,reduce the hidden danger of bolt hydrogen penetration.

(2).Cancel hydrogen after plating: Hydrogen removal is done by heating and baking within 1-2 hours after plating. The temperature is 150℃-300℃ and the insulation time is 3-24 hours. We will choose different insulation time according to the size of the product itself.

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