Wheel Locks


Each wheel lock nut and wheel lock bolt evolve 4 series of wheel lock: 

A. Outer pattern wheel lock

B. Tuner wheel lock

C. Outer pattern style + revolving

D. Tuner style + revolving

Each series of wheel lock can evolve many different patterns through various shape, size, spline number and space width, increasing the anti-theft performance. Until 2022, "HONISHEN" wheel lock has more than 4000 different patterns of wheel lock and also continuously increases.

Wheel nut locks are a thieves’ worst nightmare. While the rest of your car wheel bolts are a standard size that can easily be removed with a wrench. Every locking wheel nut is slightly different and can only be opened with a specific key. Sure, a thief could probably still get your wheels if they wanted, but it would take a lot more effort - and a lot more time.

Wheel locks were first used by car enthusiasts who wanted to protect their expensive alloys and rims. Now, they’re pretty standard on most vehicles.

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