How to produce wheel lock nuts?

March 24, 2023
How to produce wheel lock nuts?

The wheel lock nuts consists of two parts: lock nuts and lock nut adapters.

First,about the production of nuts?

1. Billet forming

Through the continuous high speed extrusion of the cold heading machine, the disc steel can be quickly processed into the pattern and contour of the product.   Usually, the outline is just a rough shape, the details are adjusted by a CNC machine,  to ensure that the edges and corners are more clearly.  After cold heading, the material's density will be more compact than the original's, and the strength of both pattern and thread will be improved.


2. Processing of thread

We can do various kind of threads, such as: 12x1.50, 12x1.25, 14x1.50, 1/2 "20,  7/16" -20,  9/16 "18, etc. 

During the processing,  we will frequently check the accuracy of the thread,  to ensure that the go gauge is smooth and non-go gauge is not over 2.5 teeth.


3.Processing of shape

According to the drawing size, we use CNC machine to process various shapes and sizes

4. Carve marks

We could print thread mark, strength mark and logo on the product.

You see, the thread of this product is M12x1.50, RH means right-hand thread, T means heat treatment, which means this product needs to do heat treatment later.


5. Heat treatment

Put the locks in the high temperature stove, the temperature rises to 300°, closed in the stove for 24-48 hrs, and then take them out and natural cooling,  then put it in the low temperature stove, the temperature is reduced to minus 100° ~ 300°, also closed in the stove for 24-48 hrs, and then take them out again, natural cooling, so the heat treatment process is finished.  After heat treatment, the service life of products can be extended by 2-3 times, it can be used for 3-5 years.


6. Polishing

a. Use cobblestone and lubricant to vibrate and polish the whole body of the product

b. The top part is finely polished to achieve mirror brightness




7. Eletroplating

Chromed products are set one by one on the hanging tool, and then dip in different plating tanks according to the process, By conducting electricity with different currents, chemicals ( such as nickel and chromium) are attached on the product, forming a coating.   The quality of electroplating will directly affect the antirust performance of the product. How to judge the quality of electroplating,  just look at the appearance is not enough, the key point is care about the thickness of the inner nickel, But nickel is very expensive. In order to reduce costs, some factories will reduce the thickness of the nickel layer and increase the thickness of the chromium layer, so that the product looks very bright, but it is still very easy to rust. please refer to our another video -- How to detect the thickness of the coating and potential difference?


Second, About the production of lock nut adapters.

1、 The first step is also the pre-forming of the blanks.

The hexagonal shape and pattern are extruded at high speed by a cold heading machine using a coil type of steel.

2、 Machining

Trim the inner hole, and the size of the outer circle, and then

Re-rotate, turn the flatness of the hexagonal.

3、 Stamp the number of the pattern and logo on the top of the key.

The last letter “T” means the key need to heat-treatment to be a high-strength key.

4、 Heat treatment

After heat treatment, the key has high strength and is not easy to break.

5、 Polishing all the key’s surface with abrasive stone.

As the surface treatment of this key requires zinc, not chrome, so there is no need to do the mirror polishing of the top surface.

6、 Surface treatment: zinc

The zinc products are roll plated, unlike the chrome nuts that need to be hung one by one, they are poured directly into the drum and immersed in the zinc plating solution, and the drum is continuously rolled over in the plating tank to make the product covered with a layer of zinc around.

There are colored zinc, white zinc and black zinc, and in the video that is blue-white zinc, so it has a light blue luster. Zinc products, the brightness is not as good as chrome. Rust resistance is also slightly worse. But this key is not usually bare outside, don’t need to contact the water, so the rust-proof requirements are not high, and most customers choose zinc keys to reduce costs.


Third, Product Testing

We have to carry out a series of tests on each batch of products.

1、Check whether the hardness is qualified

2、Checking whether the thread load-holding meets the requirements

3、Check whether the torque of the pattern is qualified

4、Check whether the thickness of plating is qualified

5、also through the salt spray test to test the rust resistance of the product.

6、Before packing, we have to test the threads one by one.

Yeah, you heard it right, we check one by one, 100% full inspection.

In order to avoid confusing the different threads during the heat-treatment and plating process, we have to inspect the threads again, one by one, before packaging. Although this is a very time-consuming process, we are following this requirement every day for every batch. For large quantities, the threads are tested by machine, and for small quantities,we will test manually.

7、At the same time, we have to test the patterns one by one. In the same batch of wheel locks, we usually have more than one pattern to increase the anti-theft performance, and in order to make sure that each pattern is not messed up, so we must test the pattern match one by one before packing.


Fourth, packaging

1、Put the wheel lock and key into the packing box.

2、In order to avoid friction of blisters, we will use thin film to separate them.

3、Then put them into the inner box, usually 10 sets of a small inner box.

4、Then put inner box into the outer box, usually 50 sets/box.

5、Then seal the box and stack the pallets. Each of our outer boxes has a QR code on it for quality traceability.


Fifth,about transportation

The last thing is loading and shipping.


HONISHEN has been specializing in wheel nut locks for 23 years. There are more than 10,000 varieties to choose from. Welcome to buy.

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