Wheel Lock Bolts


Fulfilling customers' safety concerns and request, Hongsheng produces 4 anti-theft wheel lock systems that fasten wheels, at the same time protecting them from theft.

1. outer pattern wheel lock bolts

2. tuner pattern wheel lock bolts

3. outer pattern + spinning sleeve wheel lock bolts

4. tuner pattern + spinning sleeve wheel lcok bolts

Each system of wheel lock bolts can evolve many different patterns through various shape, size, spline number and space width, increasing the anti-theft performance.  Until 2014, HONISHEN brand wheel lock has more than 4000 different patterns and also continuously increases.

Good anti-theft and anti-rust performance

Many patterns and packing way and different grades for your choice

The key and lock match perfectly

Too many advantages, please don't hesitate, just choose our HONISHEN brand wheel lock bolts.

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